A recent post on the news site, OZY, tells us that people are choosing Arizona over their neighboring state, California. This is good for the Arizona housing market, one that has continued to grow among increasing demand.

There are many reasons for the trend to Arizona from California:

  • Lower Cost of Living: A cost of living analysis by Best Places states that it is 72 percent more expensive to live in California than Arizona. It is hard to believe that there would be such a difference in such a short span of land, but California is well-known for extreme property prices in places such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and extending into the Silicon Valley.
  • Retiring Californian Baby Boomers: It is demographics that make the trend to moving into Arizona a growing one. Baby boomers are getting to retirement age, and they want to live the golden years in financial comfort. That means selling California real estate with a large price tag and being able to afford luxurious lives in Arizona. Likewise, those middle-aged individuals with families and small homes in California can easily expand and upgrade their living situation with a short move.
  • Immigrants: Those who have immigrated to the U.S. through the Californian border are also struggling in California. As they have already made the trek to America, moving one state over is an easy decision when it means a sustainable livelihood.
  • Taxes/Regulation: There are lesser taxes and regulations in Arizona, which means there is more opportunity and a greater ability to retain incomes and revenue.

There is a lot of controversy in regard to the influx of people into Arizona, but for people looking to buy or sell homes, the outlook is good. The influx may stress natural resources in Arizona such as electricity and water, and the state may eventually end up with similar problems to California. Hopefully, solutions such as renewable technology will help to alleviate those concerns. 

For right now, all is good in the sunshine state, and those dealing with real estate transactions on any side are in a good place. For buyers, there are many opportunities to get better properties with larger property and bigger homes. It means moving up from their status in California and living a much more comfortable life. For sellers, it means there is demand for Arizona homes at a relatively good price, which means they can make a profit on their home.

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