When you purchase a home, one of the considerations is the neighborhood in which you will live. People tend to pick neighborhoods with families who seem to have similar values, and there are not many people who see positive attributes in neighbors who have messy homes.

Messy homes come in many types and mean different things to different people. Leaves in the yard but an otherwise kept yard may simply mean busy neighbors who don’t always have the time to be on top of everything. Tree limbs and bushes growing over or through fences may mean that the neighbors do not respect the boundaries of their property. Toys in the yard mean young children, but dirty toys may scream messy, loud children who will interrupt the peace in the neighborhood.

The challenge lies in what to do about neighbors with messy yards or rundown exteriors to their homes. What can you do? It’s their personal property, so are you going to suffer limited offers and have to sell your home at a lesser cost? Not necessarily. Here are a few tips:

Tips for Selling a Home Next to Messy Neighbors:

1. Ask them:

Hopefully, you have an amicable relationship with your nearest neighbors. Explain to them that you are trying to sell the home, and ask them if they wouldn’t mind picking up outside toys when you are showing it. Depending on the relationship, you may even be able to ask them to mow or rake prior to a showing. Beware of being too pushy. You’re on thin ice when it comes to asking neighbors to care for their own property. Tactfulness is key.

2. Offer to help:

Asking someone to do physical labor may be awkward, but this can be lessened by offering to help. Again, it has to do with your relationship with your neighbor, but if they don’t mind, trim their bushes. It will help to sell your home.

3. Be creative:

If you know a local landscaper, have them offer their services to your neighbors. Enter them into landscaping contests. You may be able to offer to pay for services to be rendered in the name of selling your home. Don’t give up!

If none of this works, then be glad you are moving. However, you can also distract from the neighbors by making sure your home looks perfect. In some cases, you must be the diamond in the rough. Make sure to sparkle.