If you are thinking about buying a house in the near future, the markets may scare you. Quick perusals of the internet reveal homes being swept up by cash buyers and interest rates rising. Millennials are reported to be opting for rentals instead of mortgages. 2019 is not supposed to be the best year for the housing market, but these trends are location-specific. Arizona seems to be going against these trends.

Trulia has named Phoenix as a top housing market to watch this year. This is based on job growth, house vacancies, affordability of starter homes, inbound Trulia searches compared to outbound, and population under the age of 35. What this means is that Arizonians, at least in the Phoenix area, stand a chance at affording a home without cash on hand.

It also means there is a healthy selling and purchasing balance. There is not an enormity of homes on the market where the supply is outweighing demand, but there are enough homes on the market to give potential home buyers options. This means that it is a healthy market for both buyers and sellers. There is also not a scarcity of houses, which means that people won’t always be outbid by cash buyers.

The housing market is definitely volatile, and expert predictions yield conflicting views that amount to confusion for home buyers and sellers. In some reports, the housing market may crash, and in others, it is going to boom. How can anyone make sense of the conflicting info?

Well, one thing is certain. Millennials have largely opted for rentals instead of taking on large debt. They have seen their parents and the rest of the nation take on debt unsuccessfully, and they aren’t about to travel down the same road. However, millennials are getting older. This tends to lead to more stability and the want for long-term investment options such as real estate. It also tends to lead to higher wages that can sustain a house payment.

When millennials start to buy more homes, prices will rise because demand will increase. It’s simple economics. If you are looking to buy a home, now may be the time (barring any major changes in interest rates) whether you are a millennial or any other generation.  The housing market ebbs and flows, and timing is everything. More buyers on the market is a good thing for sellers, but more houses on the market is a good thing for buyers.

Take your pick, but timing is everything when it comes to gauging the housing market in 2019.