A home that is on the market should be pristine unless it is a foreclosure or a fixer-upper. It is not a used car, and people are not expecting it to be damaged or worn out. Yet, homeowners and prospective buyers are not sure what to fix or what to look for in a home.

5 Things to Fix or Look for in a Home for Sale

1. Plumbing:

In a finished home, you may not be able to see the pipes running through the walls, but especially in older homes, plumbing can become a huge expense. One easy way to confirm that things are on the right track is to look under the sink.

Some things are easy to tell, and if the plumbing under the sink is not correct, you can bet other things aren’t as well. Potential buyers should be looking for clean cuts and intact pipes. If it looks like pieces have been robbed from old plumbing projects, corners have probably been cut. Sellers should make sure that all exposed plumbing looks sound, and of course, fix any hidden plumbing problems as well.

2. Fixtures:

Light fixtures, sockets, and switches should all be updated within reason. If they haven’t been updated, then you can be sure that the wiring is probably in need of some work. Changing these items to updated versions also shows an attention to detail that shows the home has been cared for. Lastly, there should be no aluminum or knob-and-tube wiring.

3. Panel Box:

The electrical panel should be updated. Fuse boxes, although dated, may be okay. However, fuse boxes are typically overloaded, which makes them a fire hazard. The house should have a panel that is accurately labelled and can handle the current load of the home.

4. Insulation:

In very old homes with lath and plaster walls, there may be no exterior insulation. This means outside road noises will be heard while watching television, and cold air will be felt when standing next to exterior walls. This can easily be remedied with blown-in insulation, but make sure this is done prior to selling the home. It can be a major selling point especially when walls have not been replaced with sheetrock.

5. Floors:

If floors have recently been installed, check to see how hard they are and how they stand up to water. Then, find out how much they cost to repair. Homes with hardwood floors or high-end laminate may stand the test of time, but cheap cover-ups will not last.

There are many things to consider when buying or selling a new home, but these five things will give a buyer a sense of how well the home has been maintained.