Selling your home can be a difficult process, but one way you can eke out an advantage is by being mindful of what will be on the minds of prospective buyers. One thing that you want is for people to be able to visualize themselves living comfortably on the property. If you can make them imagine living here happily and comfortably, you have a great path towards getting an offer on the property.

One way to make visitors comfortable is to keep in mind current conditions while selling. For example, if the house is being shown in the winter, make sure that it will be a comfortably warm temperature when visitors arrive. Make sure that they will be able to enter comfortably, and will not feel exposed to the elements. Conversely, make sure that during the summer months you can allow guests to feel relief when entering the property. This can require some planning or financial investment. If you are not currently living on the property, you might need to make sure that heating or cooling are turned on far enough in advance of the showing that temperatures will be comfortable.

Similarly, if your heating/cooling systems are ineffective or in need of repair, this can be one of the most effective repairs you can make. Don’t be afraid of spending some cash here, you will almost certainly make it back in terms of convenience, speed of sale, and final value of the property.

Additionally, you can make plans to highlight the seasonal benefits of the home. Shade, pools, and good insulation will be important in the summer, but a skilled agent will be able to look at nearly any property and figure out how to show off the strengths of the property. This is similar to how a good agent will be able to personalize their description of the property based on what the potential buyer will be interested in. Adjusting the way a property is presented can help to subtly influence the mood of a buyer, and you would be remiss to not consider the effect of things like weather and seasonal differences.

Finally, you should be considering things like the calendar year. For example, if a potential buyer has children, they will likely be on a time crunch to finalize their purchase of a property so that their children can start the school year off in their new school.