If you are an architect buff living near the Phoenix area, then you are certainly familiar with the Circular Sun House built by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1967. The curved features of this one-of-a-kind home are an artistic wonder perched in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. And now, this beautiful home can be yours, as it is being auctioned to the highest bidder on October 16, 2019.

            This 3,095 square-foot home sits on 1.3 acres and, like most of Wright’s designs, incorporates nature into its design. With 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, Wright designed this home in his typical fashion with a large fireplace and family room to bring people together. It is also the last home he worked on before his death in 1959.


            Since then, Wright’s apprentice, John Rattenbury has restored the home. He had been working with Wright on the home design prior to his death, so he was privy to the mindset behind the design. Known for his Prairie and Usonian styles, Wright had become fond of circular designs near the end of his life, and the Circular Sun House is of this design. Another circular design of Wright’s was the infamous Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

Is a Wright Design Right for You?

            So, why would anyone want a home built by the famous Frank Lloyd Wright? According to most, it is like living in art. One look at the Circular Sun House, and you know you are in for something different than an average home experience. The home has large, tile baths, a crescent-shaped swimming pool, and glass walls that overlook the pool. It has built-ins all over made from rich, Philippine mahogany, and the lights of the city can be seen from almost every room.

            One of the major advantages of buying the Circular Sun House over other Wright homes is that its renovation occurred in 1994, which means there may be some updates needed, but they aren’t from the 50s. Another is the size. Many of Wrights homes have small kitchens, but the Circular Sun House has a sprawling, curved kitchen worth enjoying. This house is luxury, and it is unique. If you want to live or vacation in a unique, beautiful piece of architectural history, this house is for you.

            As far as an investment, Wright houses typically sell for high-dollar amounts both due to their luxury and notoriety. However, they may sit on the market for a long time due to their unique nature that does not fit everyone’s taste.

            If you are interested in owning a Frank Lloyd Wright home, attend the auction October 16th by Heritage Auctions.