A home without a plant is missing a certain je ne sais quoi that brings feelings of health, calm, and nature to the room. That is why it is so important to include plants in your home staging efforts. It brings the positive feelings that you want buyers to feel when they view their next potential home.

Why are plants the perfect home staging element?

1. Warmth

When you remove all of the personal elements and sparsely furnish a home with the bare essentials, the strategic ornamentation and neutrality of it all seems a bit sterile. You cannot fake the reality of occupation in a home, but adding plants can add life. Plants are an adequate replacement for the lack of personal elements in the home. The home is no longer a cold replication of family because the plants warm it up with life.

2. Nature

There is an ever-present need in humans to connect with nature that is probably instinctual. We cannot remove ourselves from our love of natural elements, and a home seems incomplete without it. This is likely because of some genetic memory from our days as cavemen where plant life equated to survival and food. In any case, plants reconnect your buyers with nature, and they get good feelings about the home as a result.

3. Stress-reducer

Along with the calm associated with reconnecting with nature, plant have also been proven to be stress reducers when placed in the home. Searching for a home can be a stressful process, so anything to reduce that stress could make a potential buyer choose your home over homes without plants.

4. Space-filler

It is a challenge to “fill the void” when the former occupants of a home move out. Some homeowners don’t have the disposable income to fully stage their home, but plants can add a little something extra to the space they fill. They can also be useful to gauge size in photos.

5. Color

Lastly, home staging is usually an effort in neutral colors, and whites and tans are prevalent in most displays. This is because it is pleasing to everyone. You don’t want to lose a buyer because of poor color choice. However, neutral colors and whites totally remove the personality from a home. While that is the point, no personality can feel very cold. A pop of color from a plant can remove the monotony and make the place seem more complete.