If your home listing is right next the railroad tracks, you may have an issue with your home sale because of noise. It may even reduce the value of your home. However, the amount of noise that will detract potential buyers varies.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, only 3 percent of residential areas are exposed to highway noise that is over 50 decibels. Your major appliances probably make more noise, but that number may not take into account the occasional semi-truck or noisy muffler.

How noise affects home values varies based on other variables connected to the land. Proximity to services may play a role as well as accessibility to large noise makers like sports stadiums. It is not always clear how noise will affect real estate prices or salability.

If you live in a neighborhood that is near a freeway or railroad track, you probably don’t hear too much noise. It becomes a part of everyday life, and eventually, you tune it out. Many potential homeowners will realize this, and it won’t have a large impact on your sale.

What Can You Do About Noisy Neighborhoods?

If you live on a busy street, you can try to show your home during times of day that aren’t peak driving times. This shows the potential buyer how peaceful your home is most of the time, so they won’t be swayed by traffic that probably occurs while they too are out commuting with the masses.

Highlight other aspects of the home like a good view or convenience of being near main arterial roads. If sound barriers have been installed along the freeway, make sure your potential buyers take note.

Lastly, make sure the unseen features of your home are on your listing. If you have soundproofing insulation, new doors, and new windows, make sure it is advertised. Some buyers will decide your home is in too noisy of a location based solely on the address, but you can inspire a visit by letting them know you’ve taken steps to reduce the noise factor.

It is difficult to know how much noise will play a factor in the sale of your home. In some cases, it could reduce the price of your home by 10 to 30 percent, but other properties may see no change because of other features of the property like the view or proximity to certain services.