The difference between a well landscaped home, and an overgrown, fading house cannot be understated. When driving through wealthier neighborhoods, one thing you will nearly always see is that every property has extensive and well-maintained landscaping. This landscaping does a number of things.

First, the landscaping is visually appealing. It takes a property, and really creates a striking visual performance. Your landscaping tells a story. Is it rich with foliage and bright colors? Is it orderly, with small bushes accenting evenly spaced larger ones? These things help to convey a message to those who enter about the person who owns the property.

But landscaping is more than just a visually appealing way to express yourself. If you are selling a home, the first things potential buyers will see on arriving are the landscaping, and the exterior of the property. When done well, these two things can combine into an impressive display which will help the potential buyer fall in love.

Landscaping also serves a subtler purpose. Potential buyers will be on the lookout for signs that a property has fallen into disrepair. If the exterior is dilapidated, they will surely assume that there will be other, more expensive problems inside. An owner who does not care for their property has likely neglected key repairs and maintenance. Conversely, an owner willing to spend money ensuring that a purely aesthetic improvement is well kept are also more likely to have spent money ensuring that the necessities have been paid for.

If you are looking to redo your landscaping in a cost-effective way, one of the best things you can do is look for things which are relatively low maintenance, and which consume very little water. One of the most common complaints of people who landscape large areas of their property is that their water bills skyrocket. If you are looking to convey that your house is well kept, but don’t want to break the bank watering, look into non-traditional options. Any reputable landscaping company will be able to suggest different styles, and give you ideas about what the water consumption and maintenance on them will be. Be sure to get a second opinion, and choose something which will not cost a fortune to maintain, but which will look impressive and stylish.

At the bare minimum, all landscaping you have should be well maintained. Lawns should be trimmed frequently, trees pruned, leaves raked, and paths well kept. A smaller but better kept display is much preferable to a larger unkempt one.