When you move, it may take you a little while to get used to the fact that you have a new home. For many people, there will be a period in which they have to adjust. However, for pets, who do not understand why they are moving, and may have limited capacity to understand what has happened, moves can be particularly stressful.

This is most important for animals such and dogs and cats which often roam somewhat freely, be it inside or out. They will have a well-defined area of comfort and taking them out of it can be quite stressful for the animal. Additionally, if the move is long distance, there could be additional stress from travel, or adjusting to new weather or care.

Before you move, make sure you have a plan in place for your pet. Microchipping them or using some other tool to track them would be a good idea. The pet might not realize that this is its new home. From your dog’s perspective, he is in a strange new place, and he might wander off to go find what he thinks his home is. Make sure you have a good travel plan and have selected things like a veterinarian. Finally, make sure that the new home will be safe for your animal. Outdoor dangers might be different than what existed at your old residence, and there might be danger indoors as well. Make sure that your new storage places for things like chemical agents is in a place your pet will not be able to reach.

After the move, allow your animal some time to get accustomed to it’s new surroundings. For a dog, this could include spending time with your animal in the new area and allowing it to investigate. For other animals such as cats, you might simply need to keep a good eye on them for a while. Make sure that in the stress of the move you do not forget to feed your animal, as this can add to their stress and increase the likelihood that they wander off.

Spending quality time with your animal during the stressful move can be the best way to show them that everything is okay, and that you live here now. Animals can read our emotions somewhat, and when they see that we are relaxed, comfortable, and staying here permanently, they will begin to relax as well.