When a person peruses Pinterest for tips on home décor, they are inundated with pictures of front doors of all different colors. They are not the tattered, scratched, and worn doors you may find on the typical Main Street, and they are instead part of the artistry of the home. The front door it the first impression of a home. If your home needs to be painted, you should paint it to give it that finished look. However, if your home needs to be painted, and your front door is hideous, take care of the front door first.

The front door is an important component to the overall image of a home, but it is also a very important part of the home selling process. If you don’t have a door that meets expectations, then you are selling a fixer-upper. It does not matter if the door is the only thing that needs fixing.

It’s all about curb appeal, and the front door is the central visual point when prospective home buyers are considering a home. They have to picture walking through that door. They have to picture their friends and family being presented with that door. The door, it turns out, is a very cheap way to turn your home into a want for home buyers whether buying based on photographs or onsite tours.

3 Ways to Sell a Home with a Door

1. Color: When selling a home, most paint recommendations call for neutral colors. It is not that color is not trendy and stylish, but it isn’t guaranteed to please everyone. It is better to remain neutral and provide a blank canvas for the future homeowner.

However, doors are the exception to this idea. It is the chance to introduce a little color or trendiness without it becoming tacky or overdone.

Black doors are a current trend, and they add a European feel to homes. However, dark blue doors and shades of red are also examples of that pop of color that can be inserted where it is considered an enhancement.

2. Light: Doors also offer the opportunity to distribute natural light through windows. They can be Craftsman windows, transom windows, or side lights on each side of the door. While windows are attractive to the outside of the home, they also bring natural light into the home that may otherwise be covered with blinds or curtains.

3. Hardware: Who doesn’t like an old-school door knocker? While that may not be the best option for your own home, hardware is a consideration that can enhance a new door or update an old door. It should be comfortable, secure, and feel sturdy.

When it comes to selling a home, the front door is an overlooked gem. It can transform a home with very minimal work and very minimal expense.