When buying a home, some people end up looking at little more than the property, and its location in relation to important locations, such as school, work, and shopping. However, there is much more to home location than simply its geographical proximity to the places you will be visiting. One oft forgotten facet of home buying, is that you will want to be familiar with all local laws, codes, and associated regulations which might impact your life while living on the property.

For example, one local entity which might have a large impact on your enjoyment of the property might be a homeowners association. If your property falls in a neighborhood with an HOA, you should do some research on what to expect. HOA’s vary greatly, and just because you had a certain experience with one before, does not mean your experience with another will be comparable. So do some research. Talk to neighbors, and look at what you will be agreeing to if you move into the neighborhood. Some people love HOA’s, and some hate them, but few things can impact your happiness of a freshly bought home as quickly as the realization that the HOA in your neighborhood is a bad fit for you.

Similarly, there are other considerations involved. Local laws will need to be observed. This can be a larger or smaller deal, depending on where you are coming from. If you are moving internationally to a vastly different country, you can expect local laws and regulations to be much different from what you are accustomed to. Again, doing research and ensuring that you will be able to follow these regulations without conflict will be key in helping make your move pleasant. This continues up to the state level. How will the taxes in the area affect your lifestyle? When moving place to place, failing to take into account changes such as these can cause people to undergo unexpected financial hardship.

A final thing to note is that you will want to fit in with your community. I mentioned earlier that you should talk to your neighbors to get a good idea on how the neighborhood will fit with you. Show up at random hours, and watch the activity. Talk with people as they go about. Taking the time to really scout out a potential property is much much more than simply looking at the property itself.