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Sell your home quicker with a home warranty

by Karen Picarello

Many homeowner’s purchase their homes counting on things basically holding together for a certain period of time. Home inspectors are called to make sure everything is copacetic, but an inspection does not satisfy all worries.

While an inspector’s evaluation determines that the home was kept up properly and is not in need of immediate repairs, new homeowners often suffer from Murphy’s Law. This law states that whatever can go wrong will go wrong given the chance, and even though it might be totally superstitious, it often seems to be true.

Within the first few months of new home ownership, homeowners often experience great losses. Water heaters break, and dryers fail. Heat pumps stop working, or plumbing starts leaking. In most cases, it is not the previous homeowner’s fault. Life simply happens, and stuff breaks. However, new homeowners like protection.

Sellers, on the other hand, want to show potential buyers that they can have faith in the condition of the home. One good way to do that is to offer a home warranty.

Home Warranties: The Good and Bad

While offering a home warranty sounds very transparent, home warranties aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be. There are many loopholes that prevent warranties from paying out should something go wrong. However, they are a good attempt at making sure that any unexpected financial casualties could be made right.

Home warranties are not insurance policies, and they only cover the specific items listed in the warranty, so they should be chosen carefully. Typically, they cover home systems such as air conditioning or major appliances. Home insurance is still a necessity both for lending and for peace of mind.

First-timer Ease

One of the best times to for a seller to purchase a home warranty as a selling feature is for first-time home buyers because they often lack the financial security to cover the failure of large home systems and appliances.

If you are selling a home that fits the first-time home buyer general footprint, then home warranties can help a home sell quickly. Seasoned home buyers don’t always need that surety because they are financially equipped to handle what eventually seems like minimal losses.

In other words, if you are selling a multi-million dollar home, you can expect that potential buyers won’t need the minimal protection of a home warranty. However, if you are selling a home in the price range of people who may just be starting their financial histories, home warranties can bring the relief of coverage for basic defects in home systems and appliances that can financially stress those who are already stressed at the prospect of a mortgage payment.

5 Tips for Selling Home through a Real Estate Agent

by Karen Picarello

Real estate agents can be stellar advocates for home sellers and buyers in a market that has been rebounding from the 2008 housing crisis. In most cases, they are full of contacts and resources to get your home sold as quickly and for the best price possible. However, there are a few things a homeowner can know to get the most out of their sale.

5 Tips for Selling home through a Real Estate Agent

1. Ask About the Details: Your transactions with your real estate agent should be very transparent, and who will be interacting with potential home buyers is very important. Inquire about phone services, who will show the home, and how interactions will take place should the agent be unavailable. This will help to choose the best agent to meet your needs.

2. Don’t Sell for the Highest Price Possible: In other words, don’t pick your agent based on the valuation of your home. They could be pricing it high in order to get your business, which means the house will sit around for a while. You will likely have to reduce your price to get any bites, and you will have lost potential buyers by then.

3. Don’t Delay Walkthroughs: Staging your home is great, but if a person wants to see your home immediately, and you haven’t cleaned, let them see it! A perfectly stage home will not turn off buyers, but real life will not dissuade a normal person looking to buy real estate. Let them see it, so you don’t lose out on an opportunity.

4. Don’t Strip the Place When Leaving: Make sure you discuss what you will be taking with the future homeowner. Things like appliances, window coverings, and light fixtures should be discussed prior to their removal. With that said, home buyers should always do a final walkthrough to make sure homeowners weren’t hiding anything.

5. Make it Smell Good: There is nothing more attractive in a home than good scents, but that does not mean that cheap air fresheners will do the trick. Bake cookies if you can prior to a person visiting the home, and make sure candles or any other scents are light. Too much air freshener can make the potential buyer think you are trying to hide something.

Selling a home does not have to take a lot of time from the home seller. Especially when using an agent, it can be really easy. However, homeowners should choose their agent wisely and pay attention to a few tips to make the most of their sale.

When you purchase a home, one of the considerations is the neighborhood in which you will live. People tend to pick neighborhoods with families who seem to have similar values, and there are not many people who see positive attributes in neighbors who have messy homes.

Messy homes come in many types and mean different things to different people. Leaves in the yard but an otherwise kept yard may simply mean busy neighbors who don’t always have the time to be on top of everything. Tree limbs and bushes growing over or through fences may mean that the neighbors do not respect the boundaries of their property. Toys in the yard mean young children, but dirty toys may scream messy, loud children who will interrupt the peace in the neighborhood.

The challenge lies in what to do about neighbors with messy yards or rundown exteriors to their homes. What can you do? It’s their personal property, so are you going to suffer limited offers and have to sell your home at a lesser cost? Not necessarily. Here are a few tips:

Tips for Selling a Home Next to Messy Neighbors:

1. Ask them:

Hopefully, you have an amicable relationship with your nearest neighbors. Explain to them that you are trying to sell the home, and ask them if they wouldn’t mind picking up outside toys when you are showing it. Depending on the relationship, you may even be able to ask them to mow or rake prior to a showing. Beware of being too pushy. You’re on thin ice when it comes to asking neighbors to care for their own property. Tactfulness is key.

2. Offer to help:

Asking someone to do physical labor may be awkward, but this can be lessened by offering to help. Again, it has to do with your relationship with your neighbor, but if they don’t mind, trim their bushes. It will help to sell your home.

3. Be creative:

If you know a local landscaper, have them offer their services to your neighbors. Enter them into landscaping contests. You may be able to offer to pay for services to be rendered in the name of selling your home. Don’t give up!

If none of this works, then be glad you are moving. However, you can also distract from the neighbors by making sure your home looks perfect. In some cases, you must be the diamond in the rough. Make sure to sparkle.

Front Door: The Key to Selling Success

by Karen Picarello

When a person peruses Pinterest for tips on home décor, they are inundated with pictures of front doors of all different colors. They are not the tattered, scratched, and worn doors you may find on the typical Main Street, and they are instead part of the artistry of the home. The front door it the first impression of a home. If your home needs to be painted, you should paint it to give it that finished look. However, if your home needs to be painted, and your front door is hideous, take care of the front door first.

The front door is an important component to the overall image of a home, but it is also a very important part of the home selling process. If you don’t have a door that meets expectations, then you are selling a fixer-upper. It does not matter if the door is the only thing that needs fixing.

It’s all about curb appeal, and the front door is the central visual point when prospective home buyers are considering a home. They have to picture walking through that door. They have to picture their friends and family being presented with that door. The door, it turns out, is a very cheap way to turn your home into a want for home buyers whether buying based on photographs or onsite tours.

3 Ways to Sell a Home with a Door

1. Color: When selling a home, most paint recommendations call for neutral colors. It is not that color is not trendy and stylish, but it isn’t guaranteed to please everyone. It is better to remain neutral and provide a blank canvas for the future homeowner.

However, doors are the exception to this idea. It is the chance to introduce a little color or trendiness without it becoming tacky or overdone.

Black doors are a current trend, and they add a European feel to homes. However, dark blue doors and shades of red are also examples of that pop of color that can be inserted where it is considered an enhancement.

2. Light: Doors also offer the opportunity to distribute natural light through windows. They can be Craftsman windows, transom windows, or side lights on each side of the door. While windows are attractive to the outside of the home, they also bring natural light into the home that may otherwise be covered with blinds or curtains.

3. Hardware: Who doesn’t like an old-school door knocker? While that may not be the best option for your own home, hardware is a consideration that can enhance a new door or update an old door. It should be comfortable, secure, and feel sturdy.

When it comes to selling a home, the front door is an overlooked gem. It can transform a home with very minimal work and very minimal expense.

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