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A picture is worth the value of a first impression.

by Karen Picarello

If you are selling your home, pictures are not debatable. With internet applications like Zillow and Trulia, the average home buyer is making first impressions before ever setting foot on your property. Some will not even consider a home without seeing it pre-contact.

This means that your pictures have to pre-sell your home. You won’t get the chance to say, “The pictures don’t do it justice.” You won’t be able to explain why your lighting is dim, and even a repair in progress with a written explanation can be a deterrent. Many home buyers are looking for red flags and reasons not to buy your home, and unfortunately, a lot of those reasons fall under the category of bad pictures. Buyers and sellers benefit from quality pictures of a home for sale, and here are some tips for quality pics.

5 pic tips for the home seller:

1. High resolution photography: Don’t use an old camera with 5 mega pixels and expect to wow the market. High-quality photos show that the home has value and was worth the investment in the photography. Anymore, you may be able to get away with using your smartphone to get the photos, but make sure your settings and lighting conditions are perfect!

2. Make it bright: Poor lighting conditions make a home look uninviting. Turn on the lights and avoid pictures of poorly lit areas. If it needs to be included to interest the buyer, light it up! This may be as simple as moving a floor lamp.

3. Dress it up: You may not be the type of person that keeps fresh cut flowers in the vases of your home, but your pictures should portray your home that way. This is not false advertising. Dressing up your home allows another person to picture themselves living there, so messy areas should be cleaned, and vases should be filled.

4. Show what is advertised: You don’t have to photograph the closets…unless this is a selling point. If you are selling a 4-bedroom home, there should be 4 bedrooms photographed. Anything that is a positive component of the house should be shown. Remember, you are trying to get them to the front door. This is not the time for full disclosure, as the good parts of your home will hopefully outweigh any negative aspects.

5. Make simple repairs: A big, unfinished project may show potential. However, a broken handle on a sink shows lack of maintenance. Make small repairs before trying to sell your home, so buyers don’t feel they are looking at a money pit.

Embracing Online Tools

by Karen Picarello


Everyone is using the internet nowadays, and with the prevalence of smartphones, we are quickly becoming more connected than ever. This revolution in communication and entertainment has drastically changed the way that consumers shop. Not only are people buying things like cameras, clothing, and books online, but they also make decisions about major purchases while having consulted only digital sources.  

If you are trying to sell your home successfully, using the internet is going to be a necessity. Modern home buyers do a huge percentage of their research and decision making online. And while they will always wait till they inspect the house in person to make their final decision, sometimes you all of the sites to which it is relevant.  

Failure to understand and properly utilize the internet will only stymie your efforts to sell your house quickly and for a good price. Modern home-buyers typically want to get information quickly, easily, and professionally. Because so much shopping and research is done nowadays from behind a computer or tablet screen, those who are the fastest to adapt will be the ones who reap the benefits. Make certain that if you hire an agent, you find one who truly understands the importance of creating and maintaining an impressive web presence for your property.  

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2

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