There are a million tips that you can read about selling your home, but the truth is, there’s a bit of luck involved. Just like every other aspect of life, there are ways to improve your luck. Here are 5 tips to improving you luck selling your home.

1. Remove oddities:

You may be a bit eclectic, and so may the future homeowners. However, it is very unlikely that their eccentricities will match yours.

If you are a fan of garden gnomes and want to leave behind a legacy, make sure it is minimal. You don’t want potential homeowners to refer to your home as the “gnome house.” Likewise, weird window treatments or wall stencils should be removed prior to selling.

2. Paint in neutral:

Similar to removing oddities, you must get rid of trendy paint schemes. That burnt orange wall may look amazing with your home décor, but you don’t want it to deter a buyer with cool-toned furniture colors. Paint your walls a neutral color, so they are a blank slate for the next homeowner.

3. Invest in Landscaping:

Outside greenery makes a house inviting, and homeowners tend to disregard landscaping in favor of gardens and cost-savings. Invest in a landscaper to develop the exterior presentation of your home.

4. Insert life in the Interior:

One of the happening trends in home sales is a bowl or vessel full of lemons, and there is a reason for this. It introduces freshness into the home. It does not necessarily introduce the fresh scent of lemons into the home, but the visual speaks to all the senses. Likewise, any greenery you can put into the home helps homeowners to visualize their own lives there.

5. Minimize:

People who live minimalistic lives can get pretty particular when it comes to home items. However, most people who enter a home that is for sale want it to look like nobody lives there anymore. Family photos should be put away. Curio cabinets should be sparse. It should look like a picture from a home design magazine, not a home décor magazine. Allow the future inhabitants to envision it as their own space.

These are tried and true rules of selling a home. There are plenty of exceptions, but when you are selling, don’t try to be the exception. If you want to sell your home, make it appealing to the masses. Don’t try to attract the eccentric person who may or may not pass by.