When looking to sell a house, there are several factors which will determine its marketability. You can’t do a whole lot about its area or square footage, so those are for the most part fixed. And extensive renovations can be quite expensive. Also, it can be expensive to replace or fix broken or poorly maintained systems, such as electrical or plumbing. These might still need to be done, but we will talk about those some other time. Fortunately, there are things you can do to increase the value of your house with much a smaller time and financial investment needed.

Renovate the Bathroom

One of the areas of the house that can make a huge impression on a potential buyer is the bathroom. A decade old bathroom can look horrible compared to a modern well-lit and stylish room. This is one of the few areas of the house where you can make a few hundred dollars of cosmetic changes, and completely change the feel of the room. Additions like new tile, a new countertop, or an updated shower are all relatively fast and easy upgrades that dramatically increase the appeal of the property. You want your potential buyers to be seeing themselves in this room, and liking it.

Renovate the Kitchen

The kitchen is matched with the bathroom for ease of renovation. While it can cost quite a bit more for a complete overhaul, a gleaming modern kitchen is a huge selling point for potential buyers. Redoing cabinets, replacing sink fixtures, and simply installing better quality lighting are all things which can be done to make your house appear more desirable. Remember, that home buyers can be subject to the same irrationality that hits buyers everywhere: if you show them something that they really want, they will struggle to walk away. Making these cosmetic investments can change a reluctant buyer to an excited future homeowner who might be willing to negotiate differently.

Replace or Clean Windows

Dirty, stained, or aged glass is huge cosmetic scar on what can be an otherwise attractive property. Replacing or cleaning windows can hugely change the way a room appears, both from outside and within. A new window gives the impression that the entire room is newer, recently renovated, or of higher quality. Taking the time to replace or upgrade the glass in your home can be a fantastic cosmetic investment that increases the appeal of your property.